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  • Tuesday, January 28th: - , Technical Forum

    Case 03 – Subacute type B - Dissection

    Case 03 – LEI 02: male, 44 years (S-S)
    • Andrej Schmidt,
    • Michael Piorkowski,
    • Bernd-Michael Harnoss
    Clinical data
    Type B dissection with onset 1 month ago
    Poorly controlled art. hypertension with intermittend recurrence of pain

    Risk factors
    Arterial hypertension, current smoker

    Procedural steps
    1. Percutaneous approach right groin with preloading of two Proglide-closure-devices (ABBOTT)

    2. Left groin access with 5F for angiography during implantation

    3. IVUS -examination to verify guidewire-position in the true lumen Visions PV 0.035" Digital IVUS Catheter (VOLCANO)

    4. Right ventricular overdrive pacing during implantation of the stentgraft

    5. Valiant® Thoracic stentgraft with Captiva Delivery System (MEDTRONIC)
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