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Bad Krozingen

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  • Tuesday, January 28th: - , Discussion Forum

    Case 04 – Renal denervation in uncontrolled arterial hypertension

    Bad Krozingen
    Case 04 – BLN 01: female, 73 years (A-H)
    • Ralf Langhoff,
    • Andrea Behne
    Clinical data
    Chronic heart failure NYHA II-III
    Atrial fibrillation
    Uncontrolled arterial hypertension
    Office blood pressure: 176/95 mmHg
    Medication: 6 antihypertensive drugs

    RI: 0.75 bilateral
    Absence of renal artery stenosis

    Singular bilateral renal arteries with slightly steep offspring of the right renal artery

    Procedural steps
    1. Right femoral access with 8F Cook Ansel sheath

    2. Navigation of 0.014" guide wire (Terumo Advantage angled 180 cm) into the right RA

    3. If direct probing fails support with a Cobra Catheter (CB1 Cordis 4F)

    4. Removing the diagnostic catheter

    5. Advancing a Vessix 6 mm renal denervation balloon into the right RA (Boston Scientific)

    6. Calibrating the Vessix Denervation console

    7. Activating and inflating the balloon for at least 30 seconds

    8. Remove the balloon

    9. Probing the sheath into the left RA

    10. Following once again steps 4-8.

    11. Device retrieval

    12. Access closure with Angioseal 8F (St. Jude) or Proglide 6F (Abbott)
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