Nurse and technician session @ LINC

Due to the great success in the past years, LINC 2017 will feature a nurse and technician session again:

Thursday, January 26, 2017

11:00 – 12:30 Nurse and Technician Forum – Part I
13:30 – 15:00 Nurse and Technician Forum – Part II

The content is developed in cooperation with cath lab personnel in order to provide a maximum correlation to daily routine.

Basic techniques in peripheral interventions
· Step by step: Aortoiliac interventions
· Step by step: How I treat SFA lesions
· Step by step: Infrapopliteal revascularisation
· Stenting in peripheral arteries: Considerations for lesion specific device use
· Step by step: Hybrid procedures for peripheral arterial disease
· Step by step: Abdominal aortic aneurysm: basics of endovascular repair  
· Step by step: Carotid stenting – Dos and Don’ts

Advanced technologies in peripheral interventions
· Atherectomy: Data and current developments
· Lithoplasty: A solution for calcified lesions?
· Drug eluting balloons: Update  
· Drug eluting stents: New devices 

· Venous stenting
· Endoluminal treatment of varicose veins
· Radiation safety 
· Complications in the cathlab, and what the team learned from it    
· Preplanning a vascular intervention – non-invasive imaging    
· Vascular malformations – therapeutic options    
· Tasks of a study nurse    
· Treatment of complex aneurysm (fenestrated/branched endograft): The Münster Algorithm

Critical limb ischemia
· CLI: Optimal care, an interdiciplinary challenge    
· Cardiovascular disease in CLI patients    
· Diabetic foot syndrome diagnosis and treatment
· Critical limb ischemia: 1-year results of the Critisch registry     

The format will allow an informal discussion with participation of the audience after each theme complex. A round table will enable you to ask questions and get the answers you do not get anywhere else.

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