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Conference day 4

  • - , Room 1 - Main Arena 1

    Case 80 – 4-fenestrated endovascular repair of a 7 cm post-dissection TAAA

    Case 80 – MUN 14: male, 76 years, (W-H)
    • Martin Austermann,
    • Theodosios Bisdas,
    • Stefan Stahlhoff
    Post-dissection thorakoabdominal aneurysm with a diameter of 7 cm
    Aszendens and aortic arch repair by frozen elefant trunk in the acute phase and endovascular extension to open the true lumen but still increase of the still perfused false lumen.

    Art. hypertension, CAD

    1. Percutanous approach both groins (Prostar XL, ABBOTT) 14F (COOK) both groins
    Careful cannulation of the true lumen

    2. Angiogaphy to locate CT, SMA and RRA coming out of the true lumen and use of fusion technology

    3. Changing the left 14F sheath for a 22F sheath
    Placement of three 5F sheaths into the 22F sheath and pre-cannulation of the right renal artery and SMA by using fusion technology.

    4. Placement of the 4-fenestrated Zenith-endograft (tube) (COOK) via the right groin
    Cannulation of the SMA and RRA through the fenestrations

    5. Advancement of 7 and 8F sheaths into the target vessels
    Complete release of the endograft and stenting of the fenestrations for the SMA and RRA with covered stents (Advanta V12-MAQUET) and flairing
    Cannulation of the CT and stenting

    6. Cannulation of the fenestration for the LRA, perforation of dissectionmembrane and cannulation of the LRA coming out of the false lumen and implantation of another bridging stentgraft (Advanta V12)

    7. Placement of the distal bifurcated graft and the iliac extensions
    Closure of the accesses
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  • - , Room 3 - Technical Forum

    Case 83 – Severely calcified SFA occlusion, "pave and crack"-technique

    Leipzig, Dept. of Angiology
    Case 83 – LEI 29: female, 65 years (H-T)
    • Sven Bräunlich,
    • Andrej Schmidt
    Critical limb ischemia right, ulcerations dig 2 / 3, Rutherford 5
    Endstage renal failure, chronic hemodialysis until 1997
    Renal transplantation 1997
    Art. Hypertension

    ABI right: mediasclerosis

    1. Left groin retrograde and cross-over approach
    - IMA 5F diagnostic catheter (CORDIS/CARDINAL HEALTH)
    - 0.035" soft angled Radiofocus guidewire, 190 cm (TERUMO)
    - 0.035" SupraCore Guidewire 190 cm (ABBOTT)
    - 6F-55 cm Check-Flo Sheath, Raabe Configuration (COOK)

    2. Antegrade guidewire passage
    - 0.035" Stiff angled Glidewire, 260 cm (TERUMO)
    - CXC 0.035" support catheter, 135 cm (COOK)

    In case of guidewire passage failure:
    3. Retrograde approach via the distal SFA
    - 9 cm 21 Gauge needle (COOK)
    - 0.018" V-18 Control guidewire, 300 cm (BOSTIN SCIENTIFIC)

    4. PTA and stenting
    - 6.0/20 mm Admiral Xtreme balloon (MEDTRONIC)
    - 7.0/20 Conquest non-compliant high-pressure balloon (C.R. BARD)
    - In case of inability to open the balloons fully implantation of a Viabahn 7.0/100 mm (GORE)
    - Relining with Supera Interwoven Nitinol stent (ABBOTT)
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    Case 81 – FEVAR of a juxtarenal aneurysm

    Leipzig, Dept. of Angiology
    Case 81 – LEI 28: male, 67 years
    • Andrej Schmidt,
    • Daniela Branzan
    Incidental finding of a juxtarenal aortic aneurysm
    with progression to 61 mm max. diameter
    Accessory renal arteris on both sides
    Coiling of intercostal and lumbar arteries before FEVAR
    to reduce the risk of spinal ischemia
    Coiling of the accessory right renal artery
    CAD, PTCA 2012 heart failure, EF 40%
    Thyreoidectomy 1/2017

    CT-scans and Stentgraft-plan

    1. Bilateral femoral access and left axillar percutaneous access
    - Preloading of Proglide-Systems (ABBOTT) for all 3 access-sites

    2. Implantation of the CMD thoracoabdominal stentgraft (JOTEC)

    3. Implantation of E-ventus covered stents into the visveral arteries (JOTEC)

    4. Implantation of the bifurcated component with extension into the common iliac arteries
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  • - , Room 3 - Technical Forum

    Case 85 – Leipzig

    Leipzig, Dept. of Angiology
    Case 85 – LEI 31: female, 60 years
    • Sven Bräunlich,
    • Matthias Ulrich
    - Asymptomatic highgrade stenosis of the ostium of the common carotid artery left
    - Duplex-sonography because of recurrent dizziness: severe flow-disturbance of the proximal common carotid artery and slow flow

    - Arterial hypertension
    - Diabetes mellitus, type 2
    - Former smoker

Live case transmission centers

During LINC 2017 more than 90 live cases will be performed from 13 national and international centers.

All live case transmissions are coordinated, filmed, and produced by the mediAVentures crew, using the latest in high definition television and wireless technology.

• University Hospital Leipzig, Division of Interventional Angiology, Leipzig, Germany
University Hospital Leipzig, Department of Radiology, Leipzig, Germany
• Policlinico Abano Terme, Abano Terme, Italy
• Heartcenter Bad Krozingen, Bad Krozingen, Germany
• Sankt-Gertrauden-Hospital, Berlin, Germany
• Bern University Hospital, Heart- and Vascular Center, Bern, Switzerland
• OhioHealth Research Institute, Columbus, USA
• Villa Maria Cecilia, Cotignola, Italy
• AZ Sint-Blasius, Dendermonde, Belgium
• Galway University Hospitals, Galway, Ireland
• University Hospital Jena, Jena, Germany
• Centre Hospitalier Régional Universitaire de Lille, Lille, France
• St. Franziskus Hospital, Münster, Germany
• Mount Sinai Hospital, New York, USA