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2 livecase(s)
  • Thursday, January 24th: - , Room 2 - Main Arena 2

    Case 67 – Live case from Paris

    Case 67 – Live case from Paris
    Information will follow in due time. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Thursday, January 24th: - , Room 2 - Main Arena 2

    Case 71 – FEVAR for type 4 thoraco abdominal aortic aneurysm

    Case 71 – PAR 02: female, 72 years (V-M)
    • Stéphan Haulon,
    • Dominique Fabre,
    • J. Mougin,
    • L. Freycon,
    • B. Pochulu
    Type 2 diabetes, HTA, obesity (BMI >30)
    Incisional hernia, splenectomy

    1. L: Advance 16F 30cm GORE Dryseal sheath in the LCFA over Lunderquist
    - 2 x 6F 55 cm COOK Ansel sheaths
    - 100 U/kg Heparin (Target ACT≥250)
    - L (through one of the 6F): advance long pigtail catheter
    - R: 10F sheath
    - Lunderquist (dilators up to 20)
    2. Fluoroscopy to locate fenestrations gold markers
    - R: Advanced fenestrated endograft
    - Aortic angiogram
    - Fenestrated endograft deployment
    3. R: Rosen wire advanced through preloaded catheter
    - Exchange preloaded catheter for a 6F 90 cm COOK Ansel sheath
    - Exchange Rosen for a V18 300 cm wire
    - Retrieve 6F to the level of the fenestration
    - Retrieve the 6F dilator
    - Puncture valve
    - DAV + TERUMO Roadrunner through 6F for renal artery catheterisation
    - Renal angiogram
    - Exchange TERUMO for Rosen
    - Retrieve V18 wire
    - Advance 6F into the renal artery
    - Advance BENTLEY Begraft bridging stent to parking position
    4. Same for controlateral renal artery
    5. L: Through 6F sheath advance BER + TERUMO to catheterize fenestrated endograft lumen
    - Advance 6F below the fenestration (SMA/CT)
    - USL + TERUMO Roadrunner through 6F sheath to catheterise target vessel (SMA/CT)
    - Vessel angiogram
    - Exchange TERUMO for Rosen wire
    - Advance 6F into target vessel
    - Advance BENTLEY Begraft bridging stent to parking position
    6. R: Release diameter-reducing ties
    - Proximal and distal attachments
    - Nose retrieval under fluoroscopy
    7. R: Renal artery stent deployment (3-4 mm protruding in aortic lumen) after 6F retrieval
    - Flare the aortic portion of stent with 9-20 mm balloon
    - Advance 6F back into the renal stent
    - Angiogram
    - same for left renal artery
    8. L: SMA/CT stent deployment (3-4cmm protruding in the aortic lumen) after 6F retrieval
    - Flare the aortic portion of stent with 10-20 mm balloon
    - Advance 6F in the SMA
    - CT stent
    - Angiogram (SMA: exchange Rosen for TERUMO wire)
    9. R : Remove nose under fluoroscopy
    - Remove fenestrated device delivery system
    L: Withdraw 6F sheath in 16F
    - insert and deploy bifurcated device and iliac limbs
    10. CODA balloon to mold overlaps and distal sealing zones
    - Pigtail catheter
    - Angiogram + non-contrast CBCT
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