LINC 2019 presentations

LINC 2019, the Leipzig Interventional Course,  featured state-of-the-art lectures and numerous live cases have been performed from leading interventional centers.

LINC 2019 took place from Tuesday, January 22 through Friday, January 25, 2019.

LINC 2019 programme

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Conference day 4

  • - , Room 1 - Main Arena 1

    Critical issues and pioneering solutions in aortic endografting - Join us for brunch, served from 08:45am until 11:00am

    Martin Malina
    Marc van Sambeek, Thomas Larzon, Olaf Richter, Frank Veith
    live from Münster:
    Martin Austermann
    1. Treatment of ruptured aortic aneurysms – surgery vs. EVAR

        Marc van Sambeek
    2. Why the randomized trials comparing EVAR with open repair for ruptured AAAs are misleading and not generally applicable

        Frank Veith
    3. With adjuncts (Chimney grafts and Onyx) 100% of RAAAs can be treated by EVAR with low 30-day mortality and turn down rate

        Thomas Larzon
    4. R-EVAR is it feasible, how to deal with abdominal compartemental syndrome, pros and cons

        Mohamed Ismail
    5. Leaking huge AAA and bilateral iliac aneurysms. How vascular plugs help to save life during emergency EVAR

        Magdy Haggag
    6. Physician modified endograft (PMEG) for EVAR

        Taeseung Lee
    7. Urgent endovascular treatment of left uretero-iliac fistula in patient with radical cystectomy and ileal conduit urinary diversion

        Santiago Estebanez
    8. An expansion of EVAR by EVAS: a possibility in emergencies

        Maria Terzibaschian
    9. Management of infected aneurysms and grafts

        Olaf Richter
    10. A successful treatment of an infected saccular aortic aneurysm (PAU) by Chimney- EVAS: Case report

        Sotirios Goulas
    11. Tips and tricks for obtaining supraceliac aortic control with EVAR for ruptured AAAs: it is not simple

        Frank Veith
    12. Trouble shooting and bail-out in FEVAR/BEVAR

        Eric Verhoeven
    13. Nobilizing the chEVAR experience through standardization; How a standard approach improves patient outcomes

        Peter Holt
    14. Emergent use of an arch branch device to treat an ascending aortic rupture with use of a branch-to-branch through-and-through wire

        Ahmed Eleshra
  • - , Room 3 - Technical Forum

    “Great saves and big disasters” – Review of challenging cases and complications – Join us for brunch, served from 08:45am until 11:00am

    Giancarlo Biamino
    Klaus Amendt, Hans Krankenberg, Dai-Do Do
    live from Leipzig:
    Andrej Schmidt
    1. Announcement of the winners of the LINC 2019 poster award

        Giancarlo Biamino
    2. Endovascular treatment of a tracheo-carotid artery fistula (TCAF) through a covered stent placement in the common carotid artery (CCA)

        Maria Antonella Ruffino
    3. Massive bleeding through tracheostomy site controlled by double and parallel covered stent insertion

        Ivan Casella
    4. The most severe distal emboli of endovascular treatment for iliac and superficial femoral artery we experienced

        Kuniyoshi Fukai