LINC 2020 live case guide

During the Leipzig Interventional Course 2020
more than 70 interventional and surgical live cases
are scheduled to be performed and transmitted
to the auditorium.



LINC 2020 live case guide

Find all live cases and live case centers listed below.




3 livecase(s)
  • Tuesday, January 28th: - , Room 3 - Technical Forum

    Case 18 – Progressive carotid artery stenosis left, high grade bilateral vertebral stenosis

    Case 18 – BLN 02: male, 79 years (W-G)
    • Ralf Langhoff,
    • Andrea Behne
    Stenting of the right carotid artery in 2007 without any restenosis
    Known carotid artery stenosis on the left side with rapid progression within 6 months from 60 to 80%

    Art. hypertension, hypercholesterinemia

    PSVR >4 m/s left ICA, no restenosis in the right CAS

    1. Transfemoral access
    – short 8F TERUMO sheath right
    2. Selective engaging of the left CCA
    – Weinberg Catheter (COOK)
    3. Teleskoping of the left ECA
    – Stiff glidewire 260 cm, angled tip (TERUMO)
    – 8F Vista Brite TIP IG MP shape guiding catheter (CORDIS)
    4. Distal protection
    – Filterwire EZ (BOSTON SCIENTIFIC)
    5. Predilatation
    – Maverick 3.0 x 20 mm balloon (BOSTON SCIENTIFIC)
    6. Stenting
    – 8 x 25 mm Roadsaver Micromesh stent (TERUMO)
    7. Postdilatation
    – 5 x 20 mm Emerge balloon (BOSTON SCIENTIFIC)
    8. Postprodecural DAS
    9. Vessel closure
    – Angioseal 8F (TERUMO)
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  • Tuesday, January 28th: - , Room 3 - Technical Forum

    Case 19 – Multifocal SFA lesions and popliteal occlusion, left

    Case 19 – BLN 03: male, 59 years (T-S)
    • Ralf Langhoff,
    • David Hardung
    Stenting of a left side, high-grade CIA stenosis in 2019
    Still dramatically impaired walking distance due to popliteal occlusion
    ABI: 0.5 left, ABI: 0.9 right

    Arterial hypertension, smoking, hyperlipidemia

    Duplex and Angio show popliteal occlusion and SFA stenosis

    1. Antegrade access
    – 6F short Prelude Introducer sheath (Merit medical)
    2. Wire passage
    – 0.018''Advantage wire (TERUMO)
    – Backup: Halberd wire 0.018'' or 0.014'' (Asahi)
    3. Support catheter
    – Carnelian 0.018'' (BIOTRONIK)
    4. Predilatation
    – 3 x 150 mm PTA balloon (vessel preparation)
    5. P TA in the SFA and popliteal
    – Sequent OTW 5 x 150 mm balloon (B.Braun)
    6. Focal/ spot stenting of SFA and Politeal artery
    – Multi-LOC Stent as needed (6 stents maximum) (B.BRAUN)
    or using the new 2-LOC
    or 3-LOC in 30 or 40 mm length as a focal stent
    7. Postdilation with a standard PTA balloon
    8. Vessel closure
    – Angioseal 6F (TERUMO)
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  • Tuesday, January 28th: - , Room 1 - Main Arena 1

    Case 08 – BLN 01

    Case 08 – BLN 01
    • Ralf Langhoff,
    • Mehmet Boral
    Detailed information will be shown in the video itself!
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