LINC 2023 invited faculty

Scientific commitee

Michael Borger
, Cardiac Surgeon, Leipzig, Germany
Marianne Brodmann, Angiologist, Graz, Austria

Yann Gouëffic
, Vascular Surgeon, Paris, France
Wei Guo, Vascular Surgeon, Beijing, China

Stéphan Haulon
, Vascular Surgeon, Paris, France
Andrew Holden, Interventional Radiologist, Auckland, New Zealand

Osamu Iida
, Interventional Cardiologist, Osaka, Japan

Tilo Kölbel
, Vascular Surgeon, Hamburg, Germany
Steven Kum, Vascular Surgeon, Singapore, Singapore

Armando Lobato
, Vascular Surgeon, São Paulo, Brazil

Marco Manzi
, Interventional Radiologist, Abano Terme, Italy
Miguel, Montero-Baker, Vascular Surgeon, Houston, United States

Tatsuya Nakama
, Cardiologist, Urayasu, Japan

Gerard O'Sullivan
, Interventional Radiologist, Galway, Ireland

Sahil Parikh
, Interventional Cardiologist, Columbia, United States

Vicente Riambau
, Vascular Surgeon, Barcelona, Spain

Andrej Schmidt
, Cardiologist, Angiologist, Leipzig, Germany
Peter Schneider, Vascular Surgeon, Honolulu, United States
Arne Schwindt, Vascular Surgeon, Münster, Germany

Ulf Teichgräber
, Interventional Radiologist, Jena, Germany
Giovanni Torsello, Vascular Surgeon, Münster, Germany

Jos van den Berg
, Interventional Radiologist, Lugano, Switzerland
Ramon Varcoe, Vascular Surgeon, Sydney, Australia

Hiroyoshi Yokoi
, Cardiologist, Fukuoka, Japan

Thomas Zeller
, Cardiologist, Angiologist, Bad Krozingen, Germany

Fu  Weiguo
, Vascular Surgeon, China

Invited faculty

Gary Ansel
, Cardiologist, Columbus, United States
René Aschenbach, Interventional Radiologist, Jena, Germany
Martin Josef Austermann, Vascular Surgeon, Münster, Germany

Yvonne Bausback
, Angiologist, Leipzig, Germany
Theodosios Bisdas, Vascular Surgeon, Athens, Greece
Erwin Blessing, Cardiologist, Angiologist, Hamburg, Germany
Michel Bosiers, Vascular Surgeon, Münster, Germany
Spiridon Botsios, Vascular Surgeon, Engelskirchen, Germany
Daniela Branzan, Vascular Surgeon, Leipzig, Germany

Roberto Chiesa
, Vascular Surgeon, Milan, Italy
Angelo Cioppa, Cardiologist, Mercogliano, Italy
Giacomo Clerici, Internist, Bergamo, Italy

Rick de Graaf
, Interventional Radiologist, Friedrichshafen, Germany
Jean-Paul de Vries, Vascular Surgeon, Groningen, Netherlands
Sebastian Debus, Vascular Surgeon, Hamburg, Germany
Konstantinos Donas, Vascular Surgeon, Langen, Germany
Eric Ducasse, Vascular Surgeon, Bordeaux, France
Sandra Düsing, Internist, Leipzig, Germany
Hans Henning Eckstein, Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon, Munich, Germany

Christian Erbel
, Cardiologist, Angiologist, Heidelberg, Germany

Fabrizio Fanelli
, Vascular and Interventional Radiologist, Florence, Italy
Jorge Fernández Noya, Vascular Surgeon, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Roberto Francesco, Ferraresi, Interventional Cardiologist, Milan, Italy
Axel Fischer, Internist, Leipzig, Germany

Mauro Gargiulo
, Vascular Surgeon, Bologna, Italy
Reza Ghotbi, Vascular Surgeon, Munich, Germany
Peter Goverde, Vascular Surgeon, Antwerp, Belgium

Alison Halliday
, Vascular Surgeon, Oxford, United Kingdom
Tobias Hirsch, Angiologist, Halle (Saale), Germany

Houman Jalaie
, Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon, Aachen, Germany

Andrea Kahlberg
, Vascular Surgeon, Milan, Italy
Dimitrios Karnabatidis, Interventional Radiologist, Patras, Greece
Piotr Kasprzak, Vascular Surgeon, Regensburg, Germany
Panagiotis Kitrou, Interventional Radiologist, Patras, Greece
Manuela Konert, Angiologist, Leipzig, Germany
Hans Krankenberg, Cardiologist, Angiologist, Sonneberg, Germany
Prakash Krishnan, Interventional Cardiologist, New York, United States

Mario Lachat
, Vascular Surgeon, Zurich, Switzerland
Ralf Langhoff, Angiologist, Berlin, Germany
Michael Lichtenberg, Angiologist, Arnsberg, Germany
Francesco Liistro, Interventional Cardiologist, Arezzo, Italy
Robert Lookstein, Vascular and Interventional Radiologist, New York, United States
Sean Lyden, Vascular Surgeon, Cleveland, United States

Lieven Maene
, Vascular Surgeon, Aalst, Belgium
Martin Malina, Vascular Surgeon, Copenhagen, Denmark
Antonio Micari, Cardiologist, Palermo, Italy
Frans Moll, Vascular Surgeon, Utrecht, Netherlands
Katja Mühlberg, Internist, Angiologist, Leipzig, Germany
Piotr Musialek, Cardiologist, Angiologist, Krakow, Poland

Sigrid Nikol
, Cardiologist, Angiologist, Hamburg, Germany


Luis Palena
, Interventional Radiologist, Cotignola, Italy
Maciej Pech, Radiologist, Magdeburg, Germany

Michel Reijnen
, Vascular Surgeon, Arnhem, Netherlands
Maria Antonella Ruffino, Interventional Radiologist, Turin, Italy

Horst Sievert
, Cardiologist, Frankfurt, Germany
Eugenio Stabile, Cardiologist, Naples, Italy
Konstantinos Stavroulakis, Vascular Surgeon, Munich, Germany
Sabine Steiner, Angiologist, Munich, Germany
Tobias Steinke, Vascular Surgeon, Düsseldorf, Germany
Martin Storck, Vascular Surgeon, Karlsruhe, Germany

Piotr Lech Szopiński
, Vascular Surgeon, Warsaw, Poland
Marcus Thieme, Angiologist, Sonneberg, Germany
Giovanni Federico Torsello, Interventional Radiologist, Berlin, Germany
Nikolaos Tsilimparis, Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon, Munich, Germany

Daniel van den Heuvel
, Interventional Radiologist, Nieuwegein, Netherlands
Marc van Sambeek, Vascular Surgeon, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Hence Verhagen, Vascular Surgeon, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Thomas J. Vogl, Interventional Radiologist, Frankfurt, Germany

Tim Wittig, Angiologist, Leipzig, Germany
Walter A. Wohlgemuth, Interventional Radiologist, Halle, Germany

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