Sharing the vision of interdisciplinary collaboration as the basis of innovation and patient care, we are proud to con­tinue our productive partnership with the Charing Cross meeting by providing a dedicated CX@LINC programme.
The involved faculty will discuss controversial topics, challenge the evidence and take part in a series of head-to-head debates to reach a consensus after discussion.

VIVA – one of the leading multidisciplin­ary endovascular courses in the United States has defined  excellence in professional education in the field of vascular medicine over the years. As part of a close collaboration, we are very happy to introduce live cases broadcasted from featured VIVA live sites.

VIVA @ LINC: Strategies on the frontline
This is a case-based, real world session focusing on what we like best …  real cases with challenges and complications that make the experts sweat. In this amphitheater setting, audience participation is encouraged and step-by-step case management is featured and discussed.

CICE has established itself as the leading scientific conference in Latin America, exclusively dedicated to update and training in the different areas of application of Endovascular Therapy. The CICE meeting, has gained recognition for its innovative and creative features, its scientific commitment and interactive classes, packed with scientific and technological innovations, delivered by some of the world best experts in the field.

SITE (International Symposium on Endovascular Therapeutics) has become an international appointment to be updated in current technology and future directions in vascular diagnosis and advanced endovascular therapies.
SITE is committed to providing the oopportunity to discuss the current evidence and all the unmet needs about endovascular techniques.

CCT Japan @ LINC
Complex Cardiovascular Therapeutics (CCT) was found in 2001 to explore new techniques in the field of cardiovascular intervention. The sprit of CCT is "Challenge and innovation“. The CCT live demonstration course has grown to be the biggest live course in Asia at present.

This Congress has become an event of the greatest importance in the field of vascular surgery, where outstanding experts meet together to promote global exchange of recent achievements in open and endovascular aortic procedures, peripheral, carotid and venous disease.
The mission of the meeting is to offer participants an update focused onpractical aspects of vascular surgery, through a dynamic format, based on rapid paced presentations.

Since its establishment in 2008, CEC has always been committed to the aims that is strengthening basic treatment, standardizing clinical operations, serving first-line doctors, tracking major research, and comprehensively displaying the latest progress in the field of vascular disease diagnosis and treatment at home and abroad.

JET has become the largest conference on peripheral vascular intervention in Japan and the number of participants has increased to more than 2,000 in recent years. Many experts, including cardiovascular physicians, vascular surgeons, radiologists, plastic surgeons, and cerebrovascular specialists, will discuss issues comprehensively at the conference, and co-medical activities will also be available.

VEITHsymposium provides vascular surgeons, interventional radiologists, interventional cardiologists and other vascular specialists with a unique and exciting format to learn the most current information about what is new and important in the treatment of vascular disease.

The Pan Arab Interventional Radiology Society (PAIRS) was established in 2006, based on Beirut and aims to spread the knowledge about interventional radiology in the Arab world and region. PAIRS is presenting a four-day comprehensive program in Dubai with high-level scientific content, live cases, poster presentations, interactive education and innovative discussions, cutting edge technology and images guidance therapy providing both clinically relevant updates as well as hands-on educational activities.

The vascular physicians of the DGA deal with diseases of the arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels in research, teaching and treatment. In 1972, the DGA emerged from two angiological societies. Since then, annual conferences with a comprehensive scientific program have been organized, at which DGA physicians and international vascular physicians exchange scientific information.

Vascupedia is an online learning platform in vascular medicine. Its goal is to provide free online vascular education for doctors, nurses and reps. Every vascular and endovascular specialist around the world will gain free state of the art information to all available devices and techniques on the market. Moreover, discussion of controversial topics, debates and votes will be offered to the users. Video recorded cases, literature and conference highlights will be only a few of the additional features. Join this case-based session by well-known vascupedians of excellence and learn about decision making, treatment options and tips & tricks.

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