Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Venue and dates

When and where will the LINC 2021 take place?
LINC 2021 will be a virtual event and will take place from 25–29 January 2021. 


Streaming platform, access, technical recommendations, on demand content

Is it necessary to install a special program on my device to participate in the virtual congress and what are the IT requirements?
No, it’s not necessary. You can access the LINC live stream directly via the link on the LINC 2021 website:

Shortly before the opening of our virtual event on January 25, 2021 you will be able to login with your username and password.  

You will receive your login data in a separate email shortly before the congress and only after full payment has been received.  If you have not received your login data by January 17, 2021, please check your spam folder first and contact the registration office as the next step. You will find the contact details under “How to contact the registration office”.

For best stability we recommend using Firefox or Chrome. Using Internet Explorer may possibly cause problems.


During what time and for how long will I have access to the Live stream?
Access to the LINC live stream is available at any time from 25.01.2021, 06:45 CET until 29.01.2021, 20:30 CET


Where can I find the on-demand content and how long will it be available?
All authorized contents of the live stream will be available as on-demand content after LINC 2021. Please keep your login data available, as you will need it to login. 

There is also free on-demand content, such as learning center sessions and poster sessions on the website. The on-demand content will be available until October 2021.

Is there a possibility for participants to ask questions to the speakers?
Yes, you have the possibility to ask questions.
For the live congress, simply use the highlighted Q&A function in the upper right corner of the live stream. Please post your question there, as well as your name and city of origin.

Is it possible to favour certain sessions or activate a reminder via the virtual platform?
Yes, there is a calendar function available.


Important information about the registration process: 

Where can I register and what does participation cost?
Registration is done via the LINC 2021 website. 

Registration will stay open until the end of LINC 2021.
For fees, deadlines and registration click here:


What does the registration fee includes?

Full access to:
• All live stream sessions
• Free on-demand content
• Pay on-demand content after the course
• List of industry partners
• Poster session
• Virtual delegate bags and downloads


How can I be sure that my registration data is stored in the system?
• Usually your data is already stored in the system before you click on the button "finish registration".
With each new registration and for technical reasons a new invoice will be created before payment.
Therefore: PLEASE REGISTER ONLY ONCE and contact the registration office, if you should encounter difficulties.


Where can I get quick help in case of problems or when I have questions?
• Please note that registrations with the payment method "bank transfer" are confirmed manually and therefore there will be delays before you receive a first confirmation by email.
• Sending the links to complete your registration or online payment will also trigger MANUAL to send your online payment. Usually, the link will be generated 4 hours after registration, at the earliest.
• If you are not automatically redirected to the credit card payment, if you are unsure whether your registration is saved in the system or if you encounter any other problems, please contact the registration office. You’ll find the contact details below under “How can I reach the registration office?”.


Payment methods, payment deadline
• Currently we only accept payments by Mastercard, Paypal, and Visa.
• The date of registration, NOT the date of payment, determines the amount of the registration fee. 


Credit card payments:
• After you have finished your registration correctly you’ll be directly forwarded to the credit card payment.
• Please finish your registration even, if you cannot pay directly by credit card during the registration process. Your data will then be stored in our system.
• You can leave the payment service provider's site simply by clicking "cancel".
• After 4 hours at the earliest you will receive a manually generated e-mail with a payment link to complete your online payment.
• Alternatively you can pay by bank transfer. In this case please contact the registration office in order to change the payment method. You’ll find the contact details below under “How can I reach the registration office?”.


How can I reach the registration office?
You are welcome to contact congress organization CongO GmbH:

For inquiries regarding registration, please contact us at:
Congress Organisation and More GmbH
E-Mail: registration(at)
Fax: + 49 89 23 75 74 – 70 

Availability by phone:

from 24 January 2021 until 29 January 2021: 
Mobil: +49 151 57 93 97 12

from 1 February 2021:  
Phone: + 49 89 23 75 74 – 65

Certificates and Accreditation

Will I receive continuing education points and how can I receive my certificate?
The certificate of attendance will be available for download on the LINC-website shortly after the course. LINC 2021 will not provide any CME points.



Provascular may share limited registration information, namely your name, city, country, specialty and institution, with our industry partners to help them best prepare for the event and accommodate the needs and interests of participants I also agree that by attending a company symposium, the supporting company may also receive my email address.
I may revoke my consent at any time without any reason by sending an email to Provascular at lincinquiries(at) or to a specific industry partner individual withdrawal of my consent. Please visit prior to the event for any updates to the list of industry partners that may receive this data. Their privacy policies may be found there.



Is there an industrial exhibition?
No, LINC 2021 does not have a virtual exhibit. 

However, LINC 2021 Industry Partners have the possibility to place their logo and a link of their choice. Therefore, don’t miss to take a look at what industry offers you at LINC 2021


Is there a Poster session during LINC 2021?
Yes, but the deadline for submitting the abstracts has already passed.
All electronic poster presentations can be found on our website. Poster presentation will be available starting 25 January 2021.


Are there LINC social media channels?
Social media: New at LINC 2021 – you can follow us under:
LINC Twitter:
LINC Facebook:

Handle for both Twitter and Facebook: @LINCmeeting
Official LINC 2021 Hashtag: #LINC2021


Special FAQs for exhibitors can be found here:




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