Special course for nurses, technicians, and fellows @ LINC
Current concepts and new approaches in endovascular interventions
Step-by-step review of techniques and data by leading interventional experts

Due to the great success in the past years, LINC 2019 will feature a nurse and technician session again:

Thursday, February 1, 2018

11:00 – 12:30 Special course for nurses, technicians, and fellows – Part I
13:30 – 15:00 Special course for nurses, technicians, and fellows – Part II

The content is developed in cooperation with cath lab personnel in order to provide a maximum correlation to daily routine.

Focus on carotid stenting and embolization therapies
· Carotid artery stenosis – diagnostic approach and indication for treatment
· Carotid artery stenting – latest technologies
· Principles of coil embolization for bleeding, endoleaks and beyond
· Interventional tumor therapy: what is available and how does it work?
· New applications for embolization therapies

Focus on endovascular aortic repair
· Endovascular aortic repair of infrarenal aortic and iliac aneurysms – from imaging to implantation
· Branched and fenestrated grafts – When and how to use?
· Endovascular Treatment of aortic dissections
· Glimpse into the future: Endovascular treatment of the aortic arch and the ascending aorta
· The percutaneous approach: What do we need to know about different access sites

Focus on peripheral arterial interventions
· Latest data in the field of drug-eluting therapies: What is the current status?
· The retrograde approach – when and how to do it?
· A review of atherectomy devices: What works best in which lesion?
· What is Lithoplasty and when to use it?
· New hope for end-stage CLI patients: The concept of deep venous arterialization
· New approaches to measure perfusion after recanalization in CLI procedures

Focus on venous interventions an AV-access
· Iliac vein recanalizations: Indication, techniques and outcome
· Endoluminal treatment of varicous veins
· Interventional procedures in failed hemodyalisis access
· Percutaneous creation of AV-fistula – initial experience


The format will allow an informal discussion with participation of the audience after each theme complex.

Do not miss, get interactive in the nurse and technician session @ LINC.