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On-demand content registration: Physician, industry 350,00 Euro
On-demand content registration: Nurses, allied health professionals, or fellows 2) 100,00 Euro
On-demand content registration: Students 3) 100,00 Euro

2) The reduced registration fee is only available to participants who are currently employed as nurses or allied health professionals. Please provide proof of your current employment status. We only accept ENGLISH or GERMAN verifications.
3) The reduced registration fee is only available to students who have not concluded their first study yet and who are currently enrolled at the unversity. Please provide proof of your current university enrollment. We only accept ENGLISH or GERMAN verifications.
Allied health care professionals: advanced practitioners like nurse practitioners, and cath lab technicians (not physicians)
Fellows: finished medical school but still in training

The on-demand registration fee includes:

  • Full access to all authorized sessions for 6 months after the course. 


At the moment this includes the following sessions:


Main Arena 1
CONNECT THE WORLD SESSION: JAPAN – in collaboration with JET – Innovations and latest data in femoropopliteal interventions
SYMPOSIUM: From RCTs, to real world, to big data. Moving forward with drug eluting technologies for PAD
SPECIAL SESSION: Latest trial data, breakthrough innovations and ongoing controversies in PVD
Innovations, latest data, and new techniques in BTK-Interventions
SYMPOSIUM: Global views: AcoArt DCB experience from different regions
Evolving therapies and innovations for complex peripheral lesions – Focus on vessel preparation and durable outcomes 

Main Arena 2
Acute venous thromboembolism
Ablation therapy for superficial venous disease
Scrub in with the expert: Deep venous interventions – part I
LUNCH SYMPOSIUM: Treatment of CLTI: New horizons with novel DCB technology
SYMPOSIUM: Hemodialysis access creation and maintenance: Implications of long-term data on patient outcomes
Scrub in with the experts: Deep venous interventions – part II 

Technical Forum
LUNCH SYMPOSIUM: Change compliance to change the game in PAD treatment
Scrub in with the expert: Complex iliac interventions
FOCUS SESSION: Complex AIOD – open, endo or hybrid? That’s the question
Transcatheter arterialization of deep veins (TADV) for patients with CLTI
Scrub in with the expert: Innovative solutions for complex CTO’s 

Speakers' corner
PAIRS@LINC: Challenging venous interventions
CICE@LINC: Brazilian techniques and technologies for endovascular aortic aneurysm intervention 


Main Arena 1
CONNECT THE WORLD SESSION: CHINA – in collaboration with CEC. The state of the art in SFA treatment – insights from global experts
SYMPOSIUM: See better to treat better: An image-guided therapy approach to reduce impact of recoil and dissections on acute and long-term outcomes
FOCUS SESSION: Innovative solutions for calcified peripheral lesions
SYMPOSIUM: Live case and discussion with global experts: Preserving future treatment options in long femoropopliteal lesions
LUNCH SYMPOSIUM: Versatility without compromise: The PAD workflow of the future with a new all-in-one solution
SYMPOSIUM: Treating challenging anatomies and the impact on clinical outcomes
SYMPOSIUM: When science meets practice – quality outcomes for your PAD patients
VIVA@LINC: Progress in limb salvage: How do we prove which approach is best? 

Main Arena 2
Endovascular solutions for obstructions of the aortic bifurcation
SYMPOSIUM: Sirolimus coated balloon: Is it an ideal choice for the treatment of ED and dysfunctional AVF & AVG?
Fireside chat: Imaging in endovascular procedures: Which improvements will change the game
Endovascular repair of thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms 

Technical Forum
Embolization therapies – part I – Tumor Ablation 2.0
Interventions for maintenance of AV-access
Percutaneous creation of AV-access: How far have we come?
LUNCH SYMPOSIUM: How does a lytic-free, bloodless approach advance the treatment of venous thromboembolism?
Embolization therapies – part II – Established and evolving indications and techniques
VIVA@LINC session: Deep venous dilemmas
Embolization therapies – part III – Liver interventions 

Speakers' corner
Update on innovations, clinical trials, and new data – treatment of CLTI
PAIRS@LINC: Embolization techniques
Update on innovations, clinical trials and new data – BTK interventions


Main Arena 1
JET@LINC: Pioneering techniques and innovations for complex BTK disease
SYMPOSIUM: Sirolimus coated balloon in PAD treatment: A step closer to the future
Optimizing results of peripheral artery interventions
LUNCH SYMPOSIUM: Endovascular treatment algorithms for the management of complex calcified lesions: A case based discussion
The last frontiers: Interventional treatment of BTK and BTA vessels in diabetics
The last frontiers: Interventional treatment of the common femoral and popliteal artery 

Main Arena 2
SYMPOSIUM: Standardization and evidence are essential to treating hostile AAA sealing zones
Innovative approaches and new techniques for EVAR in challenging juxtarenal anatomies
Choice of bridging stents in complex aortic repair: What is available, what is the evidence? 

Technical Forum
Scrub in with the expert: Carotid interventions
Scrub in with the expert: BTK interventions
LUNCH SYMPOSIUM: Sirolimus Coated Balloon in PAD treatment: Conquering the complexities
LINC Compact – Hot topics 2023 – Innovative-Relevant-Controversial – part I
LINC Compact – Hot topics 2023 – Innovative-Relevant-Controversial – part II 

Speakers' corner
Challenging cases and complications: Venous
Update on innovations, clinical trials, and new data – treatment of peripheral arterial disease – carotid
Update on innovations, clinical trials, and new data – treatment of peripheral arterial disease – general and AV shunt
Challenging cases and complications: TEVAR 


Main Arena 1
“Great Saves and Big Disasters”: Pioneering techniques and management of complications in PAOD treatment

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