LINC COMPACT - Hot topics 2023


Join the program to get an overview on state-of-the-art techniques, latest scientific data and ongoing controversies in a compact and interactive format featuring short overview lectures, panel discussions and pro and contra debates.

13:30 – 15:30 LINC Compact – Hot topics 2023
Innovative-Relevant-Controversial – part I
Moderators: Steven Kum, Dierk Scheinert
Panel: Chris Metzger, Yann Gouëffic, Ralf Langhoff

Critical limb-threatening ischemia and BTK interventions
13:30 – 13:37 Treatment of CLTI after BEST-CLI and BASIL 2: Implications for our practice Peter Schneider
13:37 – 13:44 What is really BEST interventional practice to treat CLI? Luis Mariano Palena
13:44 – 13:51 Deep venous arterialization for patients with CLTI: Real hope or hype? Arne Schwindt
13:51 – 13:58 New approaches for assessment of procedural outcomes and surveillance Marianne Brodmann
13:58 – 14:15 Panel discussion

Carotid interventions
14:15 – 14:22 Best practice for carotid interventions in 2023 Ralf Langhoff
14:22 – 14:29 Why is TCAR through direct puncture of the carotid artery a valid alternative? Peter Schneider
14:29 – 14:34 Panel discussion

Aortoiliac and femoral interventions
14:34 – 14:41 Advanced techniques for aortoiliac and femoral CTO’s: The value of alternative access routes Yvonne Bausback

Are covered stents the new standard for aortoiliac interventions in 2023?
14:41 – 14:48 Yes, results with covered stents are generally superior Maria Antonella Ruffino
14:48 – 14:55 No, bare metal stents are mostly sufficient TBD
14:55 – 15:00 Panel discussion

Drug-eluting devices in the femoropopliteal segement: Pro and Contra
15:00 – 15:07 Standards for lower extremity artery disease evaluation with IVUS: Japanese expert consensus’ Masahiko Fujihara
15:07 – 15:14 Paclitaxel coated devices set the benchmark and are here to stay Ramon Varcoe
15:14 – 15:21 Sirolimus and other –limus drug coatings will be the future Sahil Parikh
15:21 – 15:30 Panel discussion

15:30 – 17:00 LINC Compact – Hot topics 2023 Innovative-Relevant-Controversial – part II
Moderators: Ramon Varcoe, Vicente Riambau
Panel: Ulf Teichgräber, Erin Murphy, Daniela Branzan

Endovascular aortic repair
15:30 – 15:37 Endovascular aortic repair in 2023: What can be done with standard devices? Vicente Riambau
15:37 – 15:44 Latest innovations for complex procedures: What is most promising? Tilo Kölbel
15:44 – 15:51 Complications during EVAR: Strategies to prevent them? Daniela Branzan
15:51 – 15:56 Panel discussion

Embolization therapies
15:56 – 16:03 Principles of tumor therapy: What is established, what is new? René Aschenbach
16:03 – 16:10 Stop bleeding! Techniques, tips, and tricks to manage bleeding in various locations Anna Maria Ierardi
16:10 – 16:17 Latest indication for embolization therapies critically revisited Ulf Teichgräber
16:17 – 16:22 Panel discussion

Venous interventions
When are venous interventions indicated and what do we know about their outcome?
16:22 – 16:29 Venous recanalization is effective and should be used in more patients Michael Lichtenberg
16:29 – 16:36 Many data on venous interventions are still missing and indications for treatment should be made very selectively Houman Jalaie
16:36 – 16:41 Panel discussion
16:41 – 16:48 Thrombus removal in acute VTE: What is new and what works best? Michael Piorkowski
16:48 – 16:55 Interventional treatment for patients with chronic venous occlusions – When and how? Erin Murphy
16:55 – 17:00 Panel discussion

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